Address Entry Form

You will be presented with the address entry form on several occasions: when you add a current address, when you edit a current address and when you move to a new address and change your current address.

Adding a Current Address

After creating an account, your first interaction with the application is adding your first address, which is usually your current home or business address. When you log in to the application, you will be presented with the address entry page to enter the details of your address.

You may have more than one current address that you want to add to the application, such as your other homes, your office, your other business locations, etc. The application allows you to add more than one address. To do so, you should use the Add Address floating button in the Current Addresses page once you have added your first address. That will take you the address entry page to enter the details of the address.

Editing a Current Address

The address entry page will also be used to edit an existing address, as long as no data is yet associated with it in the application. This is usually right after you add the address or before you record a submission to a Contacter in the application. See the current addresses page guide for how you can edit a current address.

Change of Address

Another use of the address entry page is when you want to apply your change of address. That is when you move and need to change your current address to the new address in the application. The change of address process is explained in the current addresses page guide.

The rest of this guide describes each detail you need to enter in the address entry form.

Address ID

Address ID is a 4-digit number given to the current address. You will use this ID to refer to this address when needed, for example, in the browser plugin when you are recording the submission of this address to a Contacter. The first digit of the ID is always 1, and you choose the rest three digits. You can use any desired combination for the three digits.

The address ID will not change when you move and change your address. In other words, you will use this ID to track your change of address, and both old and new addresses will have this same ID.

Address Details

All address details are required to be filled in. You can fill in address line 1 and address line 2 the way you think is most appropriate. It is usually your house/apartment number, building/block name, street name, neighborhood, etc.

From Date

TThis field indicates the date from which this address has become your current address. Although it does not have to be the exact date you moved to this address, it can be the most relevant value. The default value is the day you add the address to the application as your current address.

To Date

This field indicates the potential date you will move out of this address. For example, if you are renting the place, you will likely have a fixed-term contract, after which you either move out or renew the lease. You can enter the end date regardless of whether you move out or renew at the end of the term. The application will use this date to remind you to send change of address notifications to Contacters. Therefore, we recommend you fill in this field, although you can leave it blank. If you decide not to move at the end, you can ignore the reminders and change this date again to the next potential date you will move out.