Address Submissions

Address submission means giving (submitting) your address to an entity or organization that collects it, usually for sending you a mail or a delivery at a later time. We call these entities Contacters.

It is common to forget about a Contacter to whom you have given your address at some point. Consequently, if you move and change your address in the future, the Contacter will only have your old address at which to send you mail.

This application enables you to record your address submissions and keep track of all the Contacters who have your address. When you move from this address, you can access the list of these Contacters and notify them of your change of address.

You can record submissions using our browser extensions when you submit your address online, as explained in the browser extension guide. In case of offline submissions, you can record them manually via the Submissions page, as explained here.

Regardless of how you record them, all submissions for an address will appear on the Submissions page. This guide explains how you can manage the recorded submissions and record new ones on the Submissions page.

Recorded Submissions

The Submissions page lists all submissions you have recorded for a current address and its past addresses. Past addresses of a current address are all those you have moved to and from in the past before moving to the current address. You can access this page using the Submissions button on the toolbar of the relevant current address in the Current Addresses page as described in the current addresses page guide.

The list of submissions is grouped into two segments: those with the corresponding Contacter being up-to-date with your current address and those with the Contacter having one of your older addresses. The former is listed under the Up-to-date Contacters tab, and the latter under the Unnotified Contacters tab.

Up-to-date Contacters

A Contacter is listed as up-to-date after you submit your address to them until you move and change your address in the application. The up-to-date list provides you the list of submissions to such Contacters for your information, and you do not need to take any action.

Unnotified Contacters

Once you moved and changed your current address via the Current Addresses page, all submissions are moved to the unnotified Contacters list. This is the list of Contacters who have one your older addresses and should be notified of your change of address.

When you notify a Contacter of your change of address, you should mark the corresponding submission record using the Notified button to indicate that the Contacter is notified. The submission will subsequently move to the up-to-date list.

Managing Submissions

The submission lists show the name of the Contacter and the date you submitted the address. However, you can use the More Details button under each submission record to show more detail. The details include the URL of the form via which you submitted the address and the email address, phone number, and other information about the Contacter when available. The method of submission, such as website, paper, or form, is also included in the details.

Editing and Deleting Submissions

You can edit a submission record to correct or add more details using the Edit button on the toolbar of that submission record. You can also delete a submission record if needed using the Delete button on that toolbar.

A submission record, however, can only be edited or deleted before you have notified its Contacter of your change of address when it happens. After you mark the submission as Contacter notified, the edit and delete buttons will not be available.

Note that you should only delete a submission record if it is not valid, for example, if you added it by mistake or when you withdraw the submission with the Contacter. Otherwise, we recommend keeping all submissions even if you think you will not need them in the future for any other reason.

Adding Submission Record

When you submit your address offline, you will not be able to record it using the browser extension. There are also browsers on which you cannot install the extension. In such cases, you can use the Add button on this page to record the submission manually. The submission record entry guide describes the details.

Notifying the Contacters

The ultimate goal of using this application is to keep the Contacters up-to-date with your current address by notifying them of your change of address. Recording address submissions in the application helps you to achieve this goal. To have an accurate and reliable source of information, you should also keep the records up-to-date.

Whenever you inform a Contacter of your change of address, you should mark its submission record as Contacter notified using the Notified button. This button is available on the toolbars of the submission records in the unnotified Contacters list. The submission record will move to the list of up-to-date Contacters once you mark it.

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