Recording Online Address Submissions

The most likely way you submit your address to Contacters is online on their website. For this method of address submission, you can use our browser extension to record the submission in the application. You can install the extensions in your browser via the following links:

Once the extension is installed, you can use it while still on the Contracter's address entry page to record the submission. In other words, you will have to hit the extension before you hit the submit button on Contacter's web page. This will extract the Contracter's information from the web page and prepare a form for you to review and record the submission.

Submission Record Details

Address ID

You must have already added the address you are about to submit to the Contacter in the application. The address will thus have an ID assigned to it that you will use here to refer to that specific address. In other words, you will tell the application which address you submitted via this ID.

The ID is a 4-digit number and starts with 1. Since you choose the last three digits of the ID, you can use a number that you can easily remember.

Form URL

The URL of the page on which your submit your address to the Contacter is saved as part of the submission record, as it may be useful later. It is automatically captured by the extension, but you can edit it if needed.

Contacter Name

The name of the Contactor to whom you submit your address is a necessary piece of information you need to store in the submission record. By default, the extension tries to find the name of the Contactor from its database based on the URL of the Contacter's web page. If the Contacter was not found in the database, it uses the domain name of the Contractor's website as the name. You can, however, replace the default value with a more appropriate name.

Recording Submission Directly

After reviewing and editing the submission details in the extension interface, you can use the Add directly button to add the record to your address in the application. This button will open a new browser tab that takes you to the Submissions page, where you can see all the submissions recorded for the address.

Note that the new tab will open the Submissions page if you are already logged in to the application in that browser. Otherwise, you will be taken to the login page, where you can log in to your account. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the Submissions page. This page is described in detail in the address submissions page guide.

Adding More Details to Submission Record

A submission record has more details than those described above. For example, you can add Contacter's email and phone number. Ideally, these contact details are the ones you can use to notify the Contacter when you change your address.

Since these are not easily captured from Contacter's submission page, they are not included in the extension's interface. However, you can add these details in the application.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Edit in App button instead of the Add directly button, which will take you to the Submission Record Entry page in the application. As described in the submission record entry guide, this form enables you to add these additional details and edit those described above if needed. In addition, you can edit the submission date and method, which are assigned default values.