Address Entry Form

A submission record stores information about an address submission and the Contacter who collects your address. This information includes the Contacter's name, the date you submitted the address, and other details such as the contact information of the Contacter.

There are two places where you enter this information into the submission record. The first place is the browser extension form when you record an online submission on Contacter's website and in the application as described in the browser extension guide. The second one is the submission record entry form in the application when you add the record manually, edit an existing record, or edit a record being inserted via the browser extension to add more details.

This guide describes the information stored in a submission record.

Submission Record Details

Address ID

Every address you add to your data in the application is given an ID. You will enter the address ID in the submission record to refer to the address you submitted to a Contacter.

The ID is a 4-digit number and starts with 1. Since you choose the last three digits of the ID, you can use a number that you can easily remember.

Form URL

When you submit the address online, you can store the URL of the page in the submission record, as it may be useful later. When using the browser extension, it is automatically captured, but you can edit it if needed.

Contacter Name

The name of the Contacter to whom you submit your address is a necessary piece of information you need to store in the submission record.

When using the browser extension, it tries to find the name of the Contactor from its database based on the URL of the Contacter's web page. If the Contacter was not found in the database, it uses the domain name of the Contractor's website as the name. You can, however, replace the default value with a more appropriate name.

Contacter Email

Ideally, the Contacter email you store in the submission record is the email address that the Contacter has designated for notifying change of addresses. You can then easily send the notification without having to search for a contact suitable for this purpose. You may, nonetheless, find any email address useful in the future.

Contacter Phone

Similar to Contacter email, storing a phone number that can be used for notifying the Contacter of your change of address can become handy in the future.

Submission Date

The application uses the date of the day you record the submission as the date you submitted the address to the Contacter. You can, however, change it if it is not the actual date of submission.

Submission Method

You may find it useful in the future how you submitted your address to the Contacter. Therefore, the application stores the submission method in the submission record. When the submission happens online, the value for the submission method is assigned automatically. When you manually record the submission, you should select the correct value from the list of available methods.